No Reason

I'm no philosopher - a mere observer and observed, the voice!
Let there be musics - I hear and I commit to paper. Let it be music for the present's and the future's ears.

If grasped, this all will push the all of you and me towards being faithful - not fearful.

Is there anyone - of course there isn't. There's no you to me, there is no me to you. There's only you for me. And that's the it of it.

I want to feel and touch and hear and say. It's not subjective. There's no objective. My life's not yours but yours is mine. Aye, aye! It works with you. 

There will be no enigmas in here – every little trifle and letter and syllable will be yours and its meaning will solely answer your questions. Float down the stream of these words and utterances and read your very own book.


O I am here - life exists. In me. The powerful play goes on, and I will contribute volumes.

Bollocks! Life ain't exist - it is and lives. Amen, Aman! Women and man!


  1. Interesting idea...

  2. Very well put, I would say that for me it's the way I view life, I may have strong urge of my own desire in life, but what matters most are those around me in life. I would say I'm much of an observor myself, feel, touch, hear and saying, words that speak you want to live lifes experiences.

    Great poem :)

  3. We are just observers, that is correct.
    Everything else is folly, a waste of time.